Navigation Map This is the main text area, and you can put as much text as you like here. The entire page is laid out to fit a large browser window on a monitor set to 640x480 pixels. The table will keep everything aligned so that it doesn't change if the viewer's monitor is set to a larger resolution than that. All graphics have likewise been optimized for low-end monitor viewing, as well as for small file size.
Like to indent? It's good typography, and should be used instead of horizontal rules. The single pixel gif (file name here is dot-clear.gif) is about the only good way of doing this under HTML 3.2, as this version doesn't recognize tabs and so forth. Experiment with the gif to get a size that you like. You can also use it for any other spacing needs; just adjust the height and width attributes.
All the files are located within one directory, so just post them where you normally put your web files on your server and you're done.
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